Quotes of the Month- "Art is I, Science is We and all great truths begin as blasphemies" -G B Shaw.

                 New tire recycling design promises to reduce tire disposal  and storm water treatment costs.
                   300,000,000 tires are disposed of in the US annually. Roughly 20% of the rubber has 
                disappeared, & estimated at 5 billion pounds annually.  
                    New patent pending design for economical storm water filter made from used tires may help. No contact with
                cut surfaces, secondary filter coated with 3d printed graphene aerogel for PP6 removal. 

​   Stormwater filter design with PP6 removal available for no cost 1 year trial to non-profits and 

​ Roadway sediment may contain excess nutrients, salt, silt, bacteria, virus material and PP6.

          With the new stormwater filter,
               designed for roadways, sediment can be safely and inexpensively harvested.
                  Limited time offer of free, no obligation, 1 year license for the design is available to non-profits
                     and municipalities.

              Upgrade to US Patent 710879       Seeking partners for proprietary design based on US Patent 7108794, a closed loop engine
running on water and electricity. Uses include carbon cleansing of existing internal combustion engines,
use of excess solar energy to run engines in a recycling plant.

     In the Karmacoins program, you email a video or other documentation of your environmental 
     observations or work, planting trees,  river restoration, helping a neighbor, etc.. We assign a value to
     the video, and others are able to fund your activity retroactively.  90% of the funds from a purchaser
     of a karmacoin item would be forwarded to you,  10% retained to keep the program going. 
     Your documentation availability and price will be posted on this website. No personal information 
     other than your mailing address is required.

     Thank you for your help and kindness.


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