​Free CO2 savings, conservation of your energy, time and gasoline for the summer: 1. Let your lawn grow out, a foot or more.  Notice the areas which grow faster due to variations in soil moisture, sunlight, etc.
2 For your first mowing, only mow the highest areas of your lawn. Leave any flowering vegetation, violets, chicory, etc. 
3. Repeat.          Green Science Corporation is a nonprofit group incorporated in Virginia and operating under 501(c)3 guidelines.   
FAQs for US Patent 7,789,048-welcoming investors
Simple engine design, based on conventional internal combustion engines. Water vault with hydrolysis electrodes, hydrogen piped into fuel injectors, oxygen piped into air intake. Combustion product (H2O) recycled into the vault.  Energy input may be required. The beauty of the design is that energy inputs can be from sources with no operating cost, such as solar, or very low cost, such as biomass.
What can the converted engine produce?
Mechanical energy, to propel a vehicle for example, and/or electrical energy to power your home or recharge your alternate electrical vehicle.