​                    300,000,000 tires are disposed of in the US annually. Roughly 20% of these tires have 
               disappeared?  Estimated at 5 billion pounds annually?  Where did it go? Surprise! Into our 

With the new stormwater filter
               designed for roadways, this material can be safely and inexpensively harvested.
                    Limited time offer of free, no obligation, 1 year license for the design is available to non-profits
              and municipalities.
                   $20,000,000 worth of lobbyist free karmacoins were awarded for donation of a license for a 
              recycled tire storm water filter design brokered by Green Science Research Foundation, Inc.

                     Jacob Cox has won the carbon estimation tonnage and carbon dollar computation contest.

                  His karmacoins are available from jwkb85@yahoo.com.

                 He  estimated  the carbon dioxide and energy savings from implementing a design
                 with the potential for US annual upcycling of 150 million tires burned, and 150 million tires 
                 otherwise disposed, and won $250 in karmacoins and $300 cash.

                  Sourcing used tires from the 5 billion dollar tire disposal market and utilizing them  
                 in the 5 billion dollar storm water market, he calculated the carbon dioxide and energy 
                    The design requires only used tires, a saw, drill and bolts, and is an update of
                   US Patent 7108794.

     In the Karmacoins program, you email a video or other documentation of your environmental 

     observations or work, planting trees,  river restoration, helping a neighbor, etc.. We assign a value to

     the video, and others are able to fund your activity retroactively.  90% of the funds from a purchaser

     of a karmacoin item would be forwarded to you,  10% retained to keep the program going. 

     Your documentation availability and price will be posted on this website. No personal information 

     other than your mailing address is required.

     Thank you for your help and kindness.


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