2023-lobbyocracy research
2022-energy research
​2021-Legislative research
2020-Research on an eco-village sustainable plan
​2019-assisted with an electric generation design
2018-Helped with plant stem cell research;streamlining recycling method.
2017-Research on climate change friendly recycling and agricultural methods.
​2016-Assisted in the development of climate change friendly agricultural methods
2015-Textile recycling submission, peternarian animal orchard protection project, assisted green graphene development
​2014-Provided free publication review, assisted in the discovery of green method of graphene production, donated thousands of books  
2013-Innovation in olfactory and sense-related education 
2012-Green method brownfield restoration utilizing bio-diesel compatible equipment. 
2011-Donated thousand of books, records and antique bottles to Habitat for Humanity
Spring 2010-Planted several thousand fruit and nut trees for wildlife.
Thanks to the VA Dept. of Forestry for their great service!